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Hope for Haitian Children Foundation, Inc. was founded in 2009 to give aid and support to the children of Haiti who are abandoned and/or orphaned; and to support the efforts of Haitian parents and families who are in need of temporary assistance. We are 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


HFHCF is dedicated to carrying out

mission without regard for the religious affiliation of those it serves. The foundation is ever mindful of Haitian culture and religious practices.


HFHCF's vision is to increase our funding capacity so that we can assist in greater amounts, with the growth and operation of the organizations and institutions we serve in Haiti and facilitate the needs of Haitian children to a larger degree.



HFHCF demands that any institution or organization selected to receive its support efforts, fully respects the rights of those they serve, to maintain their heritage of cultural beliefs and traditions. Because of this, HFHCF does not allow foundation contributors to place any religious demands on the people or organizations it supports: neither children, nor institution staff members, are allowed to coax or force participation in any particular religious activity, or conversion to any particular religion. RESPECT for religious preference is a mandatory condition of any institution that the foundation selects to assist or support, and a condition placed on accepting contributions from donors.




Founder and Executive Director

Marie José Poux is a native of Haiti who resides in New Orleans. She is a retired hospice nurse who makes several trips a year to her native country to work with orphan children whose parents are unable to care for them. For over 40 years she has traveled to Haiti at her own expense and with whatever donations she can get in order to distribute these donations to the to the children and families of Haiti.


The orphanage has been fully operational for the last few years through Marie Jose's commitment and dedication to the children. When donations and the kind charity of others are unavailable to the children, Marie José Poux has gone into her pockets to provide for the children. She is currently in need of a greater community support effort.

Board Members

Board Chair: Laverne Dunn

Co-Chair: Maureen Poux

Treasurer: TBA

Member At Large: Alvin Smith

Board of Advisors

Greer Goff-Mendy

Earl Williams

H. N. K. Amen

Corporate Officers & Staff

Founder & Executive Director:

Marie José Poux

Director of Finance:

Jean-Claude Louis-Pierre

Director of Operations:

Marie Rose Goodly


Constance Thompson

Assistant Director of Public Relations:

Ludmelle Poux

Assistant Director of Funding & Grants:

Claude Poux

Assistant Director Community Relations:

Jamilah Muhammad

Administrative Assistant:

Georgia Wilson

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